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Meet Our WMAA Scholars!

Since 2017 we have given over $36,000 in scholarships to Woodrow Wilson High School seniors and alumni pursuing higher education. Past scholars have shared how these direct scholarships have helped them purchase their first laptop, course books, and warm meals. We are so proud of all their accomplishments thus far and will continue supporting in any way possible.


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Alexa Ramirez

Cal State LA- Psychology

Being awarded the WMAA scholarship has been an honor nevertheless an opportunity. I am grateful and thankful for the Wilson Alumni Association members and sponsors. I strongly believe that what they do is truly amazing, offering students like me a chance to further their education. I am also proud to say that I am also part of the Wilson Alumni organization. This scholarship has awarded me the extra money I needed to attend Cal State LA. But most importantly, I have shown my parents what I am capable of achieving. Thank you Wilson Alumni Association!

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Amber Lili Frausto

Cal State LA- Nutritional Science

I would like to thank WMAA for presenting me with this award. Coming from a low-income family is not the easiest but with this award I do not have to worry about paying for school textbooks or my own personal laptop. Thank you personally for your generosity. I am honored to be a recipient of the Wilson Mules Alumni Association Scholarship.

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Andrew Ochoa

San Jose State- Business Administration

I want to thank you because at this time I was scared on not going to the college of my choice because of financial issues but now with this scholarship, I am able to worry less about it and this scholarship helped reassure me that I'm going to be okay. Thank you so much

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Belen Gonzalez

Cal State Channel Islands- Environmental Science

My name is Belen Gonzalez, I have just graduated and the college I will be attending in the fall will be the California State University Channel Islands. Based on their wonderful biology department, I plan to major in Environmental Science with also an emphasis on English. I feel honored and privileged to have received the Wilson Mules Alumni Scholarship, the funding from this scholarship will be sure to help me pay for items needed for education purposes in class and help support me as I live on campus for the next 4 years. The scholarship is a really big help to me and my family and I thank the kind people who were willing to give me such support through this scholarship.

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Chelsea Contreras

San Diego State- Business Administration

I would like to thank the Wilson Alumni Association for awarding me this award and showing that Alumni can do many great things after graduating high school. This will truly help me tremendously when attending San Diego State in the fall. This scholarship means a whole lot because one day I hope to be a part of this journey like many Wilson Alumni and giving back to my community as much as I can. This will open many doors and help me get the materials I need to be a successful student for the next four years. Thank you very much.

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Henry Tan

Cal State Long Beach- International Business

Thank you to the Wilson Mules Alumni Association for having me as one of their recipients. Words cannot express the amount of joy and gratification that are in my eyes. Earning this scholarship makes me feel that there are peoples who believe in me. This will motivate me to me to prosper in higher education and make a change in the world.

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Kaitlyn Millan

Cal State LA- English

The WMAA scholarship gives me opportunity and responsibility. WMAA is giving me the opportunity to be able to afford college and pursue higher education. It has given me the confidence to be able to succeed in college and perform at the best of my abilities. It allows me to make my parents proud and gives me a push to be able to contribute to my community in the future. I also have a responsibility to remember all those who have and will help me in my journey. I know that my responsibility is to come back and help others that will be facing the same obstacles as me one day.

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Patricia Covarrubias

Cal State LA- Pre- Nursing

Receiving the WMAA Scholarship means that I am able to attend college to better not only my life but my family’s life as well. Once a mule, always a mule

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Ramon Michael Pando Jr. IV

Cal State LA- Television Film and Media Studies

This scholarship has a lot of meaning towards me. Due to this scholarship, I can now purchase a laptop for college. With today’s technology, most things are relayed on laptops, iPads, etc. Gratefully, I do not have to have worry about purchasing one on my own. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I promise when I get older and have my career set. I will join this program and pay it forward towards the future generations.

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Raymundo Alba

Cal State LA- Kinesiology

 I first off want to thank the Wilson Mules Alumni Association for providing me with such a great opportunity. The interview not only provided me with an important life experience but it was a pleasure to interact with Ernesto and Ms.Vargas. This scholarship will help me with my educational opportunity and my future. Once again thank you very much and I hope to keep in touch and one day myself become part of this amazing association.

Alumni Recipients

Juan Avila

Shirly Beteta

Steven Erazo Padilla

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