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Wilson Alumni, Community and Business Professionals Assist Wilson Students Preparing for Skills USA

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Susie Lopez (El Sereno Field Deputy to Councilmember Jose Huizar), Glen Andrews (Color Clarity), John Lee (Case Paper), Augie Traino '74, David Vasquez '76, Rudy Montes '74, and Gilbert Talancon '74 for participating as practice panel judges for five of Wilson's State Finalists in the SkillsUSA competition coming up on March 31. Each Wilson student took turns demonstrating and explaining the sublimation printing process. The students were timed, critiqued and scored in the same manner they can expect later in the month. Following the sublimation demonstration, each student presented the panelists with a resume and went through a mock job interview. Once again, the students were critiqued and scored on their performance. The entire process was also video recorded so the students can review and make any necessary improvements. At the conclusion of the event, El Sereno Field Deputy, Susie Lopez presented Wilson Print Shop Teacher, Andrew Chavez, with a check for $250 on behalf of Councilmember Jose Huizar and CD14, to help defray the students travel expenses to the SkillsUSA state competition. We wish all our Wilson SkillsUSA competitors the best of luck.

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