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Ms. Christina Quimiro, a Mighty Mule Hero!

Wilson High School teacher and Class of '96 Alumni, Ms. Christina Quimiro, proudly displays a bag of life-saving bone marrow. The bone marrow was recently extracted from her during a six-hour medical procedure. Her bone marrow is being donated to an elderly male. Due to confidentiality and privacy agreements, that is all Ms. Quimiro currently knows of the grateful recipient.

Ms. Quimiro joined the National Bone Marrow Registry during one of 2-year old, Sofia Flores many bone marrow drives held in 2013 and 2014. When Ms. Quimiro first joined the bone marrow registry, she was hoping to be a match for young Sofia, the daughter of Wilson teacher, Erica Westfall. Ms. Quimiro was not a match for Sofia, nor were any of the thousands of persons who joined the bone marrow registry on Sofia's behalf. Sadly, Sofia succumbed to leukemia in June of 2014.

After Sofia passed, Ms. Quimiro hoped she might be a match for 12-year old Daniel Rodriguez. Daniel is also battling leukemia. Daniel is the son of a Wilson alumnus and is related to several current Wilson students. Wilson's Cancer Awareness Club held a bone marrow registry drive on behalf of Daniel in 2014.

Ms. Quimiro was not a match for Daniel either, but was elated when she learned she was a match for someone else in dire need. Ms. Quimiro decided to donate her bone marrow to honor the beautiful memory and legacy of Sofia and the courageous, ongoing fight of Daniel. When asked about her decision to become a bone marrow donor, Ms. Quimiro replied, "I am a living kidney donor for my brother and I know first-hand the tremendous impact donation can have on an individual in need, as well as the family that loves them". Ms. Quimiro went on to say, "It does not take much to show compassion for others and through my bone marrow donation, I hope there is renewed health for this man. I also hope to show my students and others that we can make a difference!"

The bone marrow donation process required Ms. Quimiro to give many blood samples, complete a physical and go through an orientation. She was then given injections for four days leading up to the donation. These injections caused her to have headaches, body aches, and lower back pain. This was the worst part of the whole ordeal. The day of the donation was like donating blood. She got her final injection, then with a needle in both arms they filtered out the life saving cells. When it was over most of her aches and pains were gone, with only a residual headache for a few days.

For Wilson students, Ms. Quimiro is a shining example of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. Ms Quimiro's selfless act also demonstrates the value of listening, speaking, and acting with empathy and compassion, which are expected learning results for Wilson High School students.

Donating her bone marrow has given the grateful recipient another chance at life. You too can be a hero if you are between the ages of 18 and 44 and are in good health, you can sign up for the bone marrow registry! Details can be found at

Thank you Ms. Quimiro for being a true MIGHTY MULE HERO!

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